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A complimentary wi-fi hosting, searching, information, marketing, promotion and entertainment channel for your customers for which you get paid for.
Restaurants, Internet Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bars, Hotels, Guest Houses, Backpackers, Libraries, Vehicle Fitment Centers, Doctors and Dentists Waiting Rooms, Hairdressers...
a warm welcome.

do they have an option of many
Search applications.

can they have a look at your
services, menu or the specials you are offering.

can they connect to your
website, Facebook, Instagram or Trip Advisor pages.

can the
tourists pinpoint exactly where they are.

receive local

entertain themselves.
YFi Internet star
YFi Internet star
YFi Internet star
YFi Internet star
YFi Internet star
YFi Internet star
If not, you need a YFi Internet.com Channel!
See example
NO COST TO YOU - You could even make in excess of
R500 per month, which could off-set your internet connection costs.
YFi Internet star
When your customer connects to your free wi-fi, do they receive:
Simply complete the YFi Channel Application and we'll have you up and running in no time.
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